Azure Classroomnotes 11/Nov/2022

Blob Storage



Uploading Blobs to containers

  • Lets learn how to upload the blobs from powershell
  • Azure cmdlets will be in the pattern of <verb>-Az<Noun>
  • To install Azure powershell Refer Here
  • For easier installation Refer Here
  • Installing necessary softwares for Azure, DevOps Refer Here
  • Setting up dev environment for Azure Powershell
    • Install powershell extension in visual studio code
  • Create a new file called as storage1.ps1
$resg_name = 'storage1'
$location = 'eastus'
Write-Host "Creating a resource group with name $resg_name in $location"
$resg = New-AzResourceGroup -Name $resg_name -Location $location
Write-Host "Created a resource group with name $resg_name in $location"

$mystorageaccount = New-AzStorageAccount `
    -ResourceGroupName $resg_name `
    -Name 'qtstorfromps1' -Location $location `
    -SkuName Standard_RAGRS

# Create a storage account context
$ctx = New-AzStorageContext -StorageAccountName $mystorageaccount.StorageAccountName -UseConnectedAccount

# Create storage container called as images

$images_container = New-AzStorageContainer -Name 'images' `
    -Permission 'Nonw' -Context $ctx

  • Note: We had issue with context which we will be fixing in next session.

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