DevOps Classroomnotes 26/Dec/2021

Activity 3: Create a ntier architecture in Azure contd

  • So we need to create a database
  • Manually creating a database
  • While creating a database we need to provide
  • database details
  • server details
  • credentials
  • size
  • Network endpoints
  • Lets create a sql server Refer Here
  • Lets create an azure sql database Refer Here
  • Now apply the configuration. Refer Here for the changes done and check the resources in the resource group
  • Now lets add a vnet network rule Refer Here and firewall rule Refer Here
  • Lets try to use the following conditional expression to create a service endpoint for db-1 subnet
var.subnet_names[count.index] == "db-1"? ["Microsoft.sql"]: []

Terraform plan

  • All these days we were executing terraform apply to create infrastructure
  • Terraform apply command internally creates a plan and then executes the plan
  • We can explicity create a plan terraform plan -out <filename> and then terraform apply <filename>

Terraform Provisioners

  • Terraform provisioners can execute specific actions on the local machine or on the remote machine in order to prepare server or other infrastructure objects.
  • If you are using local machine provisioners we need not establish any connections, but if we are using remote machine provisioners we need connections
  • To specify connections for remote machines terraform has a connection block Refer Here for the official docs
  • Lets try to use remote-exec connection to execute a inline script on the linux server
  • Terraform provisioner written with in resource will be executed only when that resource is created.
  • Solution 1: is to taint the resource i.e. mark the resource for recreation.
  • Resource can be marked to taint by execution terraform taint <resourcetype>.<resourcename>
  • Now if we execute terraform apply the resource will be destroyed and recreated.
  • Execute Terraform apply
  • Taint is designed to recreate the resource when you observe mismatches
  • Note: before apply command is executed if you want to undo taint terraform untaint <resourcetype>.<resourcename>
  • This approach will execute the script only once while creation.
  • Now lets assume you have written a shell script for deploying application & whenever you execute terraform apply you want to do provisioning as we might be deploying the new version of the application generated from recent build.
  • Refer Here for the changes
  • Solution 2: Use Terraform null resource in null provider.
  • The null resource will be executed every time you execute apply command. Refer Here for null resource documentation
  • Refer Here for the changes done to include the null provisioner
  • Note we have used build_id as trigger, so whenever build_id changes the terraform will executed the provisioner
terraform apply -var "build_id=2" -auto-approve

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