AWS Classroom notes 30/Oct/2023

NAT Gateway

  • In AWS ec2 instances in private subnet are not connected to internet.
  • For outbound/egress internet connectivity (one-direction), we need to use NAT (Network Adress Translations)
  • AWS provides to ways of creating NAT
    • NAT Instance:
      • We create a ec2 instance with special AMI with elastic ip and configure the private route table to forward packets to ec2 instance when it needs to connect to internet
      • This is not recommended approach as we have Single Point of Failure.
    • NAT Gateway:
      • This is NAT as a Service with SLA
      • This is chargable
  • Practical stuff
    • Create a vpc with two public and two private subnets
  • Create an ec2 instance in public subnet and one in private subnet
  • EC2 instance in public subnet can connect to internet
  • EC2 instance in private subnet cannot connect to internet
  • Lets create a NAT Gateway in any public subnet with elastic ip
  • Now lets add route to private router to forward packets to NAT Gateway
  • Now private ec2 instance should be able to connect to internet
  • Overview


  • What will nord vpn do

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