AWS Classroomnotes 28/Dec/2022

Medical Record System – Cloud Journey

  • The organization iHealthSystems has a medical record system.
  • The architecture of this application is
  • To make this application accesible, iHealthSystem is having Datacenters in
    • Hyderabad
    • Delhi
    • Mumbai
  • To maintain this application, the following skills are required
    • Data center administration
    • Network Administration
    • Windows/Linux Administration
    • Database Adminstration
    • Storage Administration
  • To reduce the maintenance overhead and costs, iHealthSystems wants to use cloud.
  • Minimal Expectation from cloud
    • Things should be running as it is.
    • During adoption of cloud my applications should be up and running.
  • Options:

    • Migration
    • Rewrite everything for cloud. (Modernizing)
  • Migration Process (Draft)

    • List out all the servers
    • Identify the Migration Approach (P2V or V2V)
    • Figure out the server migrations which are supported by AWS
    • Testing approach
  • The ways of migrating the following are different
    • Virtual Machines
    • Storage
    • Databases
  • Order of Migration
    • Least dependent to most dependent as this helps in phased migration.

Online Grocery Delivery in Minutes

  • This idea is approved and budget is allocated.
  • In these cases we develop cloud native applications.

Modernize Airline Reservation

  • Overview

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