Jenkins Classroom Series -15/Sep/2019


  1. Git
    • 5th area of GIT: Preview
    • Git Ignore:
      • Is a file which consists all the files or folder which are supposed to be ignored
      • eg: target folder in case of mvn, bin folder in case of msbuild
      • To create this list. create a file call as .gitignore in the root git folder
    • Bare Repositories:
      • Only .git folder will be received on clone git clone --bare <repourl>
    • Git Hooks:
      • An Event raised after some git activity
      • Client-side hooks:
        • Events on your local repo
      • Server-side hooks:
        • Events on remote repo
  2. Jenkins API Integration
  3. Jenkins and .net technologies
    • Install Visual Studio Build Tools on Windows Server
  4. Git Flow:
    • It is popular branching strategy for organizing branches of git. Refer here

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