AWS Classroomnotes 14/Mar/2023

AWS Accounts and Challenges

  • To use AWS you require an AWS Account
  • AWS Account Types and support plans
    • Free Tier Account Refer Here
    • Refer Here for support plans
      • Developer
      • Business
      • Enterprise Ramup
      • Enterprise
  • When we create an AWS account for learning purposes, we have full access as we created the acount (root account)
  • Whereas in Enterprises, An AWS account is used by multiple employees and you will be one of the user of your organizational account
  • To give access to the employees and set restrictions on what is allowed or denied, we need to implement Authentication and Authorization.
  • How organizations in non aws/cloud world store their user information (Identity Server) and how do we connect that to AWS (Federation)
  • How to enforce Standards ?
  • Service Accounts in AWS
  • Generally organizations use multiple AWS accounts and in many cases we do the same Identity and Access Control related works so how to reuse.
  • To Acheive the above, we need to deal with the following
    • IAM
    • Organizations and Control Tower
    • AD Sync or Federations
  • Skills required:
    • JSON
    • CLI
    • Basic resources creation.

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