DevOps Classroomnotes 14/Mar/2023

Problem Statement

  • Our ficticious Organization:
    • name: Asquare info systems
    • Product: iEcommerce
    • Purpose: Any Organization can buy this project and host ecommerce applications
  • This product is designed to work on any virtualized platform such as
    • VMWare
    • OpenStack
    • AWS
    • Azure
    • GCP
  • Now Asquare info systems needs to have an apporach to deploy the iEcommerce applicatio into Customers Cloud/Virtual Environments
  • Architecture of iECommerce
  • Infra for iECommerce
    • Two networks with connectivity b/w them (same building, different buildings, cities, countries)
    • In Each network
      • Two Databases
        • mysql
        • RAM: 8 GB
        • cpus: 2
        • Disk: 10 TB
      • one File Store
        • Size: 10 TB
      • 3 Servers:
        • OS: Ubuntu 22.04
        • RAM: 16 GB
        • Cpus: 2
        • Disk: 50 GB
  • Solution:
    • InfraProvisioning: This represents using Infrastructure as a Code and deploy to target environment

Understanding InfraProvisioning

  • Analogy
  • We using InfraProvisioing tools where we express our desired state about infrastructure as code.
  • Terraform: Can create infra in almost all the virtual environments
  • ARM Templates: Can create infra in Azure
  • Cloudformation: Can create infra in AWS
  • Infraprovisiong tools use IaC which are generally idempotent
  • Idempotance is the property which states execution one time or multiple times leads to the same result.
  • Reusability is extreemely simple and terraform can also handle multiple environments (Developer, QA, UAT/Staging/Production).

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