Azure Classroomnotes 14/Mar/2023

Azure Accounts

  • To use Azure we need to have an Azure Account
  • Azure Account can have more than one subscription
  • In Each Subscription we can create Resource Groups which are logical folders to create resources.
  • Azure Gives Various plans for subscriptions
    • Pay as You Go
      • Vailidity: As long as you are clearing monthly bills or close this continue
      • Restrictions: Yes we do have restrictions which can be resolved by Azure Support
      • Credit: 0$
      • If you are still in Free tier (12 months), there are always free services and 12 months free services.
    • Free Trail
      • Validay: 1 month
      • Credit: 200$
      • Restrictions: Yes there are restrictions
        • Any time you cannot create more than 4vCPUs
        • All the Regions will not be active
    • Refer Here for the rest
  • Azure Free tier account
    • To Create account Refer Here
      • Note: It is better to create a microsoft account if you dont have one before creating azure account Refer Here
      • Need to provide Credit Card info.
  • Azure has Management Groups to handle multiple accounts which we will try in next few sessions.
  • Next Steps:

    1. Authentication and Authorization in Azure
    2. Role Based Access Control
    3. Enforcing Users to align/work in a specific way (HIPAA, PCI) by using Azure Policy
    4. Multi organization management by using Azure Managment groups.

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