DevOps Classroom Series – 23/Oct/2020


  • Is an Opensource tool for creating virtual machine images for multiple platforms from a single configuration
  • For the scenario below Preview
  • From one configuration file we can create multiple vm images in different cloud /virtual platforms Preview
  • Lets install packer.
    • Windows:
      • Download the installable and install Refer Here
      • Use chocolatey to install packer choco install packer Preview Preview
    • Linux Machine: Download packer and add the executable to PATH
  • Packer configurations are written in json files
  • In Packer we write the template in Json Format. Refer Here for official docs
  • Packer template has the following structure
    "variables": {},
    "builders": [],
    "description": "",
    "provisioners": [],
    "post-processors" : []
  • Variable: This is input that can be passed by the user

  • builders:

    • This is required object
    • This is array of one or more objects
    • Each builder gives information to packer on where to create machine image
    • Refer Here for builders
  • provisioners:

    • For configuring software we would be using provisioners
  • post-processors

    • This is array of objects for post-processing
  • Manual Steps:

    • Lets create an ami with nginx installed
      • Create an ec2 instance
      • Install the software by logging in
      sudo apt update
      sudo apt install nginx -y
      • Create an amazon machine image Preview Preview Preview
      • Lets use packer to create nginx image
      • For amazon-ebs builder Refer Here
      • For Variables Refer Here
      • For Provisioners Refer Here
      • In this example we would be using shell provisioner
      • Refer Here for the changes
      • Execute packer build command and wait for the ami’s to be created Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Try to create nginx vm image on azure by following the documentation. Refer Here

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