Azure Classroomnotes 08/Jul/2023

Azure virtual machines

Creating a virtual machine – Linux

  • Refer Here for official documentation
  • To connect to linux vm use any terminal where ssh is supported and execute the command `ssh @
  • Azure Linux VM Agent Refer Here

Creating a virtual machine – Windows

  • Refer Here for official documentation
  • To connect to windows server we need rdp client.
  • Windows : run the following command in run command `mstsc -v
  • Azure Window vm agent overview Refer Here

Azure Virtual Machine states

  • Refer Here for Azure VM Billing states
  • Azure pay as you billing states are
    • Starting,
    • Running
    • Stopping
    • Stopped
  • Not billing /chargable states are
    • Creating
    • Deallocating
    • Deallocated

Azure VM Image Types

  • Here we have generalized and specilaized images
  • Generalized images allows us to set credentials while creating vm, whereas specialized images have built-in credentials

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