Azure Classroomnotes 14/Sep/2023

Azure Databases

SQL Server

  • Azure Offers Database as Service with SQL Server
  • Azure SQL creates the latest SQL as Service.
  • When we create Azure SQL Database and Server get created.
  • To connect to the database we will have an endpoint (public/private)
  • Azure Server also has a firewall, where the ip of the connecting client will be blocked/allowed based on rules
  • Azure SQL Allows three authentication mechanisms

    • SQL Authentication (Username and Password)
    • Azure AD Authentication (Active Directory Authentication)
    • Both
  • Database Purchase Models

    • DTU Based Model
    • vcore Based Model
      • Provisioned
      • Serverless

Activity: Lets create an Azure SQL Database with public endpoint

  • Lets create a DTU Based Model with Basic DTU
  • Refer Here for the QuickStart from Azure
  • Observe Resources in Resource Group
  • View Server and then databases
  • To connect to database from your system we need to allow your system in firewall
  • If we want to allow communications from any ip address to
  • For Cleanup Delete Resource Group

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