DevOps Classroomnotes 14/Sep/2023

Elastic Stack

  • Apache Lucene: This was a opensource software launched by Apache Foundataion. The purpose of this project is to search text faster.
  • Elastic Search: Built on Top of Lucene with many other usecases to serve. Refer Here
  • Interesting features of elastic search
    • Designed to Scale Horizontally
    • Fault tolerant by design
    • Restful API’s
  • Architecture
  • Elastic Cloud offers Elastic Search as a Service.

Lab Setup

  • We will create a sample applications and servers which we will be monitoring
  • For this we need a cloud account (AWS/Azure)
  • Note: System Setup: Refer Here


  • Vertical Scaling: Increasing the size of resources
  • Horizontal Scaling: Increasing the number of servers

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