DevOps Classroomnotes 22/Dec/2021

Activity 2 AWS infra continued

  • Lets create an ec2 instance with ami-id ami-0892d3c7ee96c0bf7
  • We have already created a security group and we would like to use the existing key pair fortf
  • Refer Here for the terraform ec2 resource
  • Created the ec2 instance. Refer Here for the terraform changes.
  • Now lets try to login into the ec2 instance create
  • Now for public connectivity, lets create an internet gateway and attach it to the vpc
  • Refer Here for the internet gateway resource
  • To create route tables Refer Here
  • Now we need to associate route tables to subnets Refer Here
  • After making the changes as mentioned Refer Here, We are able to login into ec2 instance created
  • We would need to deploy an application inside this ec2 instance. Which we will be doing very soon.
  • We would like to create an database instance in our vpc hosting some database.
  • In this exercise, lets try to create an Postgres Database in free tier.
  • Manual Steps:
  • From the images we can make out that the following are the major inputs
  • Engine => postgres/mysql/oracle/sql server
  • version => which version of database
  • Dbsubnet group =>
  • network => vpc, subnet & security group
  • instance size => db.t2.micro
  • Credentials
  • other settings
    • for backups
    • monitoring
    • storage size

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