AWS Classroom Series – 07/Aug/2020

Reserved Instances

  • Reserved instances is a commitment from user to AWS for long term usage and AWS offers you discounted rate.

  • Reserved instance pricing is determined by following variables/attributes

    • Instance attributes: four instance attributes determine price
      • Instance type
      • Region
      • Tenancy: shared or single
      • Platform: Windows/Linux/Unix
    • Term Commitment:
      • One year
      • Three year
    • Payment Options:
      • All Upfront: This is where you get max discount
      • Partial Upfront:
      • No Upfront:
    • Offering Class:
      • Standard: These provide more significant discount
        • Some attribute such as instance size can be modified during term, instance family cannot be modified, You cannot exchange a Standard reserved instance, only modify.
      • Convertible: The instance type can be exchanged for another convertible Reserved instance with different attributes
        • Can be exchanged for other Convertible Reserved instance with new attributes including instance family, instance type, platform, scope or tenancy.
  • Regional & zonal Reserved Instances (scope)

    • Regional: Purchasing a reserved instance for a region
    • Zone: Purchasing a reserved instance for a availability zone
  • Purchasing Reserved Instances Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Usage Billing:

    • In Reserved instances you are bill for every clock hour during the term, regardless of instance is running or not.

Scheduled Instances (Schedule Reserved Instances)

  • This model enables you to purchase capacity reservations that recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with specified start time and duration, for one-year term
  • Schedule instances are supported only to C3, C4, M4 and R3.
  • Minimum required time in an year is 1200 hours
  • As of now Scheduled instances are available in N.Virginia, Oregon & Europe(Ireland)

Spot Instances

  • A spot instance is an unused Ec2 instance that is available for less price.
  • Spot instances can cost-effective choice when you run them as extra machines in your cluster, batch jobs etc.. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Dedicated Hosts

  • An Amazon Dedicated Host is a physical server with EC2 instance capacity full dedicated to your usage.
  • Dedicated Hosts allow you to use your existing per socket, per-core or per-vm software license.
  • Dedicated Host is
    • billed per host
    • Provides visibility of number of socket & physical cores
    • Allow you to consistently deploy instances into same physical server
    • Provides additional visibility & control over how instances are place over physical
    • Bring your own license is supported.

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