Azure Classroom Series – 07/Aug/2020

Azure Virtual machine states & lifecycle

  • Power states:

    • Starting: Not billed
    • Running: Billed
    • Stopping: Billed
    • Stopped: Billed
    • Deallocating: Not billed
    • Deallocated: Not billed
  • The above mentioned billing includes only vm instance charges, your Disks & Network (if any) costs will still continue Preview

  • Provisioning States:

    • Create: VM Creation
    • Update: updates the model for existing VM
    • Delete: VM Deletion
    • Deallocate:

Azure VM Purchasing Options

  • Normal (On-demand/Pay as you go):

    • No long term commitment
    • VMs are charged for hourly usage (minimum unit is 1 hour) Preview
  • Reserved Instances

    • Here we get into commitment with Azure for using a VM for a long term. Azure will offer us reservation discounts Preview Preview
    • What can i change in my reservation after purchase?
      • Update reservation scope
      • Ownership
      • Instance size flexibility
    • What i cannot change
      • An existing reservations region
      • SKU
      • Quantity
      • Duration
    • At any time you can cancel, exchange or refund reservations with certain limitations.
    • How can i purchase Reserved VM Instance: Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • SpotVMs:

    • Using SPOT vms allows you to take advantage of unused capacity in Azure at very less prices.
    • At any point in time when Azure needs the capacity back, the Azure infra will evict SPOT vms
    • SPOT Vms don’t have any SLA
    • Azure SPOT VMs cannot be used for B-series and Promo versions Preview
  • Note: Use azure pricing calculator from here

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