Azure Classroom Series – 15/May/2020

Navigate to Azure Monitor

  • Rather than individually looking at metrics/logs of resources, the central azure monitor can be used Preview

Alert Workflow

  • Azure Alerts help in
    • Sending Notification
    • Sending alerts to your existing ITIL Tool (Service Now/Rememdy/JIRA)
    • Take Actions like start/restart/stop/scale vms using Automation Run books
    • Call code hosted on Azure Functions
    • Call the Workflows created using Azure Logic Apps
    • Call external web app using Webhooks (Secure) Preview

Logs in Azure

  • In Azure just like metrics, logs are also collected.
  • Logs can be queried, For this we need to understand kusto query language(kql) Refer Here
  • Writing KQL with SQL Experience is simple Refer Here
  • For experimenting navigate to here and build some kql queries
  • Refer Here for log alerts

IT Service Management Connector

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