GCP Classroom Series – 08/Mar/2021

Preventing Accedental VM Deletion

  • Lets launch a vm instance Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now unselect enable delete protection and save the vm instance Preview Preview

Getting VM Metadata

  • Metadata can be assigned to both projects and instances. Project Metadata will propogate to all vms in a project, while instance metadata impacts that specific instance.
  • Refer Here for the official docs Preview Preview
  • Now lets get image information Preview


  • Premptibility brings cost of instance down but will generally only last for a maximum of 24 hours before terminated.
  • To Create a premptible instance in the Management section while creating vm set the Premptibility to be on Preview
  • Refer Here for the official docs

Availability Policy

  • Google might perform some maintenance on infrastructure, which may require your vm’s to be moved to other host. GCE will live migrate your instance if the instances availability is set to use this feature Preview
  • Underlying hardware running vm instance might be crashed, then GCE offers a setting to automatically restart the instance by setting the automaticRestart field to true.


  • Lets look at the below architecture to understand an application deployment Preview
  • The following concerns should be addressed
    • How will user access the application using his custom domain (swiggy.com/bookmyshow.com)
    • How to handle the load on the servers dynamically i.e. how to we dynamically add servers and remove server based on demand
    • When servers are increasing or decreasing how to route the requests to this servers
    • How to handle new application deployments
  • Addressing the above mentioned concerns means understanding and applying
    • DNS (Domain Naming Servers)
    • Elasticity
    • Load Balancing
    • Deployments like Canary/Blue green

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