AWS Classroom Series – 25/Nov/2020

EC2 Instance types

  • When we launch ec2 instance we need
    • Certain Virtual CPUs
    • Certain amount of RAM
    • Certain Disk Size
    • Operating System
  • In AWS we can specify number of CPUs and RAM Size by using Instance Type. With Instance Type you also get
    • Network Speed
    • Disk Types supported
  • Instance Family is a hardware specification which allows to create ec2 instances
  • Refer Here for instance types
  • Refer Here for hardware specification of each family
  • Instance Types are Categorized by use cases
    • General Purpose:
      • This provides balance of compute, memory & Networking Resources
      • This has many instance Families
      • Ideal for low demand web/app servers, development or testing environments
    • Compute Optimized
      • This provides high cpu to memory ratio
      • Used for web servers, app servers in Production
    • Memory Optimized
      • This provides high memory to cpu ratio
      • This is used in Cache Servers
    • Storage Optimized
      • This provides instances which are storage optimized that require high disk read/write speeds
      • High performance databases
    • Accelarated Computing
      • This use hardware Accelarators
        • GPU Instances
        • FPGA instances
        • AWS Inferentia
  • AWS EC2 has two kinds of disks
    • EBS
    • Instance Store Preview
  • EC2 cost will not include EBS Cost
  • So lets create a memory optimized windows server
  • Try creating one General purpose linux server

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