AWS Classroom Series – 21/Jan/2020

Key Management Service

  • KMS is used to store keys for encryption and decryption
  • KMS supports
    • symmetric
    • asymetric
  • KMS is used widely
    • to encrypt data at rest
    • to encrypt the sensitive contents of the applications/configurations
  • Services widely used in association with KMS
    • S3
    • Storesync
  • KMS can be used with Language SDKS.

AWS Glue

  • Helps in Extracting information from Datasources.
  • Data can be in the forms shown below for crawlers to work with
    • text files => regular expressions to parse text
    • xml files => XPATH
    • json files => JSON Path
    • CSV => delimeters
  • Refer Here
  • Refer Here

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