Azure Classroomnotes 25/Jun/2022

ARM Templates contd

  • ARM Templates can be created to be deployed at
    • subscription level
    • Resource Group level
    • Management Group level Refer Here
  • Now lets have a look at the template which we created
    "$schema": "",
    "contentVersion": "",
    "resources": [
            "type": "Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks",
            "name": "ntier",
            "apiVersion": "2021-08-01",
            "location": "centralus",
            "properties": {
                "addressSpace": {
                    "addressPrefixes": [""]



Lets deploy this template from Azure CLI

  • Create a resource group

Add subnets to Network in the ARM

az network vnet list --resource-group 'armfromcli'
az deployment group create --name 'ntierdeploy1' --resource-group 'armfromcli' --template-file 'C:\khajaclassroom\azure\azureadmin\June22\Operations\iac\arm\ntier\ntier.json'

Network Creation in a different way

Create a sql server

  • Refer Here for documentation
  • Refer Here for the changes
  • Exercise: Try adding a linux vm in web and app subnet.

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