Azure Classroomnotes 20/Mar/2022

Lets understand some more networking concepts

  • Routing: The basic functionality is Router is to forward the packet from one network to another
  • When we create a network with some subnets, each subnet will have router with some rule defined to forward the packets. These rules are referred as Route Tables.
  • How the Internet connectivity is working at your home (NAT Gateway)

Exercise: I need 4 subnets with 250 devices each, Create a network cidr for subnets and the network

Azure Virtual Network (VNet)

  • This is the fundamental building block for your private network in Azure
  • We can use VNET to
    • Communicate between Azure Resources:
      • You can deploy VM and several other types of resources to a virtual network (Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure VMSS)
    • Communicate between each other:
      • You can establish connections between two virtual networks in Azure.
    • Communicate to the internet:
      • All resources in a VNET can communicate outbound to the internet by default.
      • From Internet if you want to connect to some resource in VNET, The resource should have a public ip.
    • Communicate to the On-premises connections:
      • We can communicate on-premises networks using VPN Gateways and Express Route.


  • Global Infra Map Refer Here
  • To Create a VNET, We need to understand About Azure Global Infrastructure
  • In Azure When We create a VNET, We choose a Region. i.e. scope of network is one Region.

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