Azure Classroomnotes 14/Dec/2022

Other SQL Server offerings from Azure

  • SQL Server Managed Instance:
    • For all features in Microsoft SQL Server
    • Since this is managed version, azure manages most of the activities.
    • Failover is supported
    • Backups can be automated
    • this instance is created in a vnet/subnet
    • Also hybrid benifit is provided
  • SQL Server on VM
    • For all features in Microsoft SQL Server
    • SQL Server VM Image is provided by Azure, the configuration and other aspects are supposed to be managed by us.

Saving costs with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reservations in Azure SQL

  • Azure Hybrid Benefit allows to use existing SQL Server Licenses on Azure which cuts down the cost.
  • Refer Here
  • Explore the pricing for Business Critical Sql Server
    • Pay as you go
    • One year reservation
    • three year reservation


  • Create a azure sql database
    • with Basic DTU
    • with General purpose (Serverless)
  • Do the following activities
    • Resize the Basic DTU to any other DTU
    • Change the vCores in General purpose server less
    • Revert them back to what you ahve created.
  • During this exercise ensure you are connected to database from Azure Data Studio.

Azure SQL Databases for mysql and Postgres

  • Azure also offers Database as a service from mysql and postgres
  • Note: For databases like oracle, DB2, etc Azure recommends searching market place images or creating a vm and installing software.

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