Cloud Essential Series – 26/Mar/2020


  • Implementing Availability, Fault Tolerance and Elasticity in our local data centers with limited budgets or resources is difficult to implement.
  • So there exists a need where you get your infrastructural needs / application needs delivered as a Service (Similar to Electricity)


  • Cloud Provider:
    • Is an Orgnaization that provides Cloud-Based IT resources.
    • Examples: Amazon, Microsoft, Google
  • Cloud Consumer:
    • Is an Organization that has a formal contract/arrangement with Cloud Provider to use IT resources provided

Cloud Delivery Models

  • To deliver the Cloud Based Services to the Cloud Consumers, there are three popular models Preview
    • Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)
      • Infrastructure from you
      • Needs from the customer will be RAW IT (Virtual Machine, Disk, Network Disk, Networking) Preview
      • Once virtual infrastructure is created the cloud consumer will be the owner of resource and billing might start (depends on payment mode)
    • Platform As A Service (PAAS)
    • Software As A Service (SAAS)

Cloud Provider InfraStructure

  • Will have data centers with lot of racks which in turn have lot of servers, Providers use these servers to provide IT Resources to the Consumers
  • Cloud Providers provide the Services in two possible models
    • Single-tenant Preview

    • Multi-tenant Preview

  • Multi-tenant is generally cheaper because cloud providers can effectively use their hardwares


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