DevOps Essential Series – 26/Mar/2020

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Load Balancer

  • Scenario:

    • We have an insurance application running on a webserver and users can access this application by using http://<ipadress or hostname> Preview
    • When number of users are increase one server cannot handle the load, so we increase number of servers running the same application. The problem is how the user will access the application (using which servers ip address/host name). This problem is resolved by using a load balancer Preview
    • Load balancer redirects the traffic sent to it and distributes among multiple servers depending the behaviour configured in the load balancer
  • Load Balancers are of Two Types

    • Layer 4 loadbalancer:

      • Operates on Transport layer. This load balancer understands ip address and ports using tcp
      • Used if the load balancing is done to web/app servers on port numbers and ip addresses
    • Layer 7 loadbalancer

      • Operates on Application layer. This load balancer understands http protocol which means it understand URI
      • Used if the load balancing is done to web/app servers which expose http
  • Popular Load Balancers

    • F5
    • HA Proxy
    • AWS Elastic Load Balancer (Layer4 and Layer 7)
    • AWS Application Load Balancer (Layer 7)
    • AWS Network Load Balancer (Layer 4)
    • Azure Load Balancer (Layer 4)
    • Azure Application Gateway (Layer 7)

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