AWS Classroom Series – 06/Feb/2020

Database migration approaches

  1. Backup and Restore:

    • Take a backup/export of source database to a file/folder
    • Move the backup to destination
    • Restore/import the backup into destination db
    • Advantages:
      • Simple
    • Disadvantage:
      • Downtime will be required if the source database is changing Preview
  2. Replicate or Synchronize Databases:

    • Create a Replica of the source database
    • Once the replication is complete
    • Failover to the destination database
    • Advantage:
      • Less Downtime (in minutes)
    • Disadvantage:
      • DBA skills to perform
      • Replication adds performance overhead to the source Preview
  3. Migration from different database engine Preview

Database Migrations in AWS

  • AWS has a service DMS which is designed to migrate
    • From any source (onpremise/cloud) to any destination (onpremise/cloud)
    • from some database engines to some other databases

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