Azure Classroom Series – 11/Jul/2020

Azure Vnet

  • Vnet Concepts
    • Address Space: when creating VNET, we must specify a custom private IP address space. Address space is cidr notation of the vnet ip addresses. Address space is for private networking. In azure we can extend our network by adding more address spaces Preview
    • Subnets: Subnets enable you to segment the virtual network into one or more subnets where you assign portion of virtual networks address sapce.
      • Regions without zones Preview
      • Regions with zones Preview
    • IpAddress: Generally all the resources connected to a subnet will get a private addresss, we have an option to choose whether the private address is static or dynamic. In addition to private IPaddress, we can give/assign public ip addresses to the resources (static/dynamic)
  • Experiment: Lets create a virtual machine in subnet1
    • Create a vm in subnet1 in hellovnet Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Now lets examine the virtual machine overview Preview
    • Now lets navigate to resource groups and see the network interface Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Now lets login into virtual machine (using ssh) ssh username@<publicip> Preview
    • Lets create a network interface in subnet1 and try to attach to the vm qtdevops Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Network interface is allocated with static private ip address
    • Lets navigate to VM Preview
    • Now lets stop the vm, wait for the vm to be stopped and navigate to networking Preview
    • Now attach network interface Preview
    • Exercise: Now start the vm and see what are possible private ip addressses. Login into the vm and execute ifconfig

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