Azure Classroomnotes 21/Apr/2022

Needs for Resources

  • Some applications require more CPU vs RAM
  • Some applications require I/O performance to be faster
  • Some application use more RAM vs CPU

Azure VM Types

  • Azure has categorized VM Sizes by the Type. The Types of the Virtual machine sizes are
    • General Purpose:
      • Balanced CPU-memory ratio
    • Compute Optimized
      • High CPU-memory ratio
    • Memory Optimized
      • High memory-cpu ratio
    • Storage Optimized:
      • High disk throughput
    • GPU:
      • Targeted for heavy graphics rendering, video editing, Model Training and deep learning
    • High Performance Compute (HPC):
      • fastest and most powerful CPU virutal machines
  • Every VM Type has some sizes associated with them
  • Each Letter like B/D/E etc in the VM Size refers to a Hardware specification
  • When the VM Size contains a letter s this means premium disks are supported
  • Exercise:

    • Try to find the hardware Technology for Mv2 and M
    • Try to find the Hardware technology for F and FX
    • Once you find the Technology try to google about that hardware.
  • Azure Virtual Machine Size Naming Conventions:

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