DevOps Classroom Series – Jenkins – 23/Dec/2019

Configuring Linux Nodes to Jenkins Master

Adding Ubuntu Node to Jenkins Master

  • Jenkins Master is up and running
  • Create one more ubuntu VM in the same network
  • Login into the ubuntu vm and create a user jenkins, enable password authentication.
  • Install JDK and maven
  • Login into Jenkins master as Jenkins user and try to ssh into newly added node
  • Add the node to the Jenkins master. Select Manage Jenkins => Manage Nodes => New Node Preview
  • Configure the new node using known host strategy (bcoz we already have known hosts) and add a Label MAVEN.
  • Add the credential username with password. Preview
  • Now lets try to build a java application on this NOde
  • Create new Jenkins Freestyle project and restrict where this project is built in General Section Preview
  • Configure the other sections to have build steps and click on build now Preview


  • Add a Centos node to Jenkins master

Adding Downstream Jobs to Jenkins Job

  • Downstream job is job which gets executed after completion of other job (eg: job A completion triggers Job B, B is Downstream to A and A is upstream to B)
  • Navigate to post build sections and select as shown below Preview
  • Enter the project name that has to be executed Preview

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