DevOps Classroom Series – 14/May/2020

Usage of Jenkins Node in Enterprise

  • In Enterprise, we will have a HA Jenkins Master and lot of nodes.
  • Every Node will have a Label. Label can be
    • Project Name
    • Technology (Ansible/Git/Maven etc)
    • Environment (DEV/TEST/UAT/PROD)
  • When we create a Job, we ensure to select right labels to get the job executed.
  • Generally no jobs apart from Jenkins administrative Jobs run on master. Preview

Add a Windows Node to Jenkins Master

Jenkins Plugins

  • Plugins are means of enhancing the functionality of Jenkins. Mostly UI Functionality
  • Installing Plugin necessarily might not mean software installation.
  • Installing Plugins Preview
  • Plugins can be installed from files. Plugin extensions are
    • hpi (hudson plugin interface)
    • jpi ( jenkins plugin interface)
  • Installing Plugins
    • Thinbackup => Jenkins Backup Preview Preview

Jenkins CLI

  • Jenkins Jobs Can be managed from Jenkins-CLI as well
  • Refer Here
  • Navigate to Manage Jenkins => Jenkins CLI Preview
  • This CLI works but there is a better way to use Jenkins other than CLI

Jenkins Rest API

  • In the footer section of the Jenkins Web Page, Jenkins Rest API Docs is available Preview
  • Use Jenkins Rest API over CLI
  • For example Refer Over Here

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