Azure Classroomnotes 02/Mar/2022

Azure Functions Contd…

  • For the API reference

  • Trigger:

    • Triggers are what cause a function to run.
    • Trigger also defines how a function is invoked and a function must have exactly one trigger.
    • Triggers have associated data, which is often the payload of the function
    • There are many trigger types supported by Azure
  • Binding:
    • Binding to a function is a way of declaratively connecting another resource tot eh function.
    • Binding may be connected as input binding, output bind or both
    • Data from bindings is provided to function as parameters
  • Refer Here for the official docs of triggers and binding

Activity 1: Lets create an Azure Function which runs on schedule Every hour on weekday

  • Refer Here for the code created from vscode for timer trigger in python.
  • The similar function is created in CSharp Refer Here

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