Azure Classroom Series – 17/Jun/2021

Azure SQL Databases

  • Azure Offers 3 ways of using Microsoft SQL Server
    • SQL Server on Azure VM Preview
    • Azure Managed Instance
    • Azure SQL

Azure SQL Database

  • Fully managed PaaS database engine, that handles most of the database management functions such as patching, upgrading, backups and monitoring without user involvement.
  • Azure SQL Database is always on the Latest version of SQL Server Database engine and offers 99.99% Availability
  • Deployment Models:
    • Single Database
    • Elastic Pool
  • Purchase Models
    • vCore-based purchasing
    • DTU-based
    • Serverless model

Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • SQL Managed Instance has 100% compatibility with the latest SQL Server (Enterprise Edition) and provides a native VNET implementation
  • SQL Managed Instance makes SQL features like SQL Agent, CLR available.
  • SQL Managed Instance provides all the PaaS Feature
    • automatic patching
    • version updates
    • Automated backups

Azure SQL Database Creation

  • Steps:
    • Create a resource group
    • Click on Create resource and select the SQL Database
    • Fill the SQL Database and SQL Server Details
    • Configure Compute+Storage Preview Preview Preview
  • Azure SQL Offers
    • Replication => Allows to replicate the whole database to new database in a different region
    • Sync to other databases => Allows to sync the tables in database to the tables in the other database.

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