Azure Classroom Series – 16/Apr/2021


  • Create a user and give him the full access to Virtual Machines Preview
  • In Reality we might need users to have set of different access and assigning multiple role assignments for users at different levels might be difficult
  • One way of solving this problem is to use groups and give multiple role assignments to the group and add users to groups
  • Lets create two groups
    • developers: will have full access to Virtual Machines, Networking, Storage Accounts
    • testers: will have read only access to Virtual Machines, Networking, Storage Accounts
  • Add ram to developers and robert and rahim to testers group
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory and select groups and create group Preview Preview
  • Now assign roles at subscription level to the groups Preview Preview
  • Now lets test access for testers (login as any user) Preview

Creating Custom roles in Azure

  • Steps for Creating a custom role
    1. Determine the permissions you need
    2. Understand the syntax of role definition Refer Here
    3. Create the custom role
    4. Test the custom role
  • Custom Role 1: Create a Custom role (Virtual Machine Operator) which gives the user access to start, stop and restart virtual machines. view the virtual machines
    • Refer Here to understan the resource provider operations Preview Preview
    • Now add to role assignment Preview
  • Ensure powershell or cli is installed on your machine Refer Here

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