Azure Classroom notes 14/Nov/2023

Azure Virtual machines Contd


  • Linux:
    • Username and Password
    • Username and key
  • Windows
    • Username and Password
  • Key: Azure has a service where you can create private key and public key (key pair) or import your existing keys
  • To create a key on your system ssh-keygen
  • Now create a key pair and upload the public key
  • We can get the private key from Azure

Login into vms

  • Windows:
    • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol): Gives visual interface to work with windows from remote
      • command mstsc -v <ipaddress>
      • port: TCP 3389
  • Linux
    • SSH (Secure Shell): Gives shell interface /terminal access to work with linux vms
      • command
        • with username and password ssh username@ipaddress
        • with username and key ssh -i <path to private key> username@ipaddress
      • port: TCP 22
  • Note:
    • If your vm is created with key and if you execute ssh username@ipaddress it checks for the key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa


  • When we create any resource we can tag the resources.
  • Tagging is helpful for
    • querying resources
    • filtering bills
  • Whenever you create any resource atleast have these tags
project: learning
env: dev
purpose: learning


Create linux vm with username and password

  • For screen shots watch the clasroom video

Create linux vm with username and key

  • For screen shots watch the clasroom video


  • Ensure you have a default rsa key setup in your machine. If you already have an ssh key use it
  • Import default rsa key into ssh keys
  • Create a linux vm with this key and execute ssh in all the 3 combinations shown in the class.

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