Azure Classroom notes 22/Oct/2023

Azure VNet Contd

  • Lets create a virtual network in a region
    • name: ntier
    • cidr range (address space):
  • We will be having 4 subnets
    • web:
    • app:
    • db:
    • mgmt:
  • Portal: Refer Here
  • When we try to create a vm in one of the subnets a nic is created. There will generally be Network Security Group attached to nic.
  • If we need to access publically, then the nic will be associated with public ip address
  • Now lets try to create a free azure vm with focus on networking
  • Now lets focus on networking blade of Azure VM
  • Now we were able to ssh into vm
ssh <username>@<publicip>
  • We have checked the vm gets internet
  • Now lets add one more vm into app subnet but lets not give public ip.
  • In Azure vnets by default all internal communication is allowed by nsg
  • In Azure when we create subnet the size of subnet is 2^n-5 Refer Here
  • Refer Here for Azure Vnet faq

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