DevOps Classroom notes 22/Oct/2023

Configuring Self Hosted Agent in Azure DevOps

  • Self Hosted Agent is the linux/windows/mac instance managed by us
  • Configuring Self hosted agents
  • To maintain collection of Agents, Azure has Agent pools. By default we will have two pools
    • default: for self hosted agents
    • Azure Pipelines: for Microsoft hosted agents
  • Lets create a ubuntu linux vm and as discussed in the session install, configure and run the agent
  • Azure Pipelines are represnted in YAML Format. YAML is used as a Data representation format
  • YAML is name value pair collection
  • syntax
<name>: <value>
  • Value holds data and types of data are

    • Simple/Scalar
      • text: course: AzureDevOps or course: "AzureDevOps" or course: 'AzureDevOps'
      • number: duration: 120
      • boolean online: yes or online: true
    • Complex
      • list/array/plural
      • object/map/dictionary
        flat: 407
        building: mytrivanam
        street: ameerpet main road
        area: ameerpet
        landmark: metro
        pincode: 500016
  • Sample YAML
  mobile: 9999999
CareerObjective: |
    A motivated individual with in-depth knowledge of languages 
    and development tools, seeking a position in a growth-oriented 
    company where I can use my skills to the advantage of the 
    company while having the scope to develop my own skills.
  - Project Management
  - DevOps
  - organization: Radiant Spark
    duration: 03/2014 - present
    designation: senior software engineer
      - Eat healthy
      - Drink every night
      - sleep on time
  - organization: Technet
    duration: 03/2011 - 02/2014
  • Now lets look at azure-pipelines sample

  - main

pool: default

  - task: Bash@3
      targetType: 'inline'
      script: 'mvn package'

  • Next Steps: understanding Azure DevOps Yaml Schema Refer Here
  • Exercise: enable classic pipelines for your project.

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