Azure Classroom Series – 03/Feb/2021

Cloud Adoption Framework

  • LifeCycle Preview
  • Strategy:
    • Motivation
    • Business Outcome
    • Business Justification
  • Plan:
    • Digital estate
    • Skill readiness Plan
    • Cloud Adoption Plan
    • Best Practices Refer Here
  • Ready:
    • Azure Setup Guide
    • Operating Mode
    • Azure Landing Zones
    • Best Practices Refer Here
  • Adopt:

Azure Fundamental Concepts

  • Terminology:
    • Azure Account:
    • Subscription:
    • Resource Group
    • Resource
    • Account administrator
    • Azure AD tenant
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Management Groups Preview

How we create an On-Premise Environment for practising migration

  • To Create a migration lab environment we need any of the below
    • atleast one windows server 2016 with hyper v enabled (4 vcpu & 8 GB of RAM)
    • atleast one vmware esxi server with 8 vcpu & 16 GB of RAM.
  • To Practise migration we will be creating Hyper V enabled windows server on the cloud and assume it to be on-premise
  • Then we will follow all the migration steps recommended by Azure.

Next Steps:

  • Create LAB Environmet for Project 1
  • Azure AD Tenant
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Management Group

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