GCP Classroom Series -21/Mar/2021

Google Cloud APIs

  • Underneath every user interface, command-line tool and SDK for Google Cloud is a purpose built set of APIs
  • These APIs offer deep control overy facet of GCP
  • Google cloud console offers a detailed dashboard for controlling API access and monitoring usage. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • To aid developer in interacting with the APIs, Google offers Google APIs Explorer Refer Here
  • The APIs Explorer offers developers a straightforward interface where we can
    • Search for API by products & services
    • Browse the methods available for an API
    • Authenticate against an API and grant specific authorization scopes
    • Execute request for the give API method and view the response
  • Lets explore the APIs Explorer Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Even these apis are simple working with them might become difficult so Google offers google cloud sdks Refer Here
  • Gcloud has client libraries in all the popular languages Refer Here

Identity and Access Management

  • In a typical organization, there will lot of users in different roles with different needs to access the google cloud
  • Generally we will have all the users of Organization using some LDAP like active directory or they might be GSuite Preview
  • So the important concerns to be addressed are
    • How to import the users from existing LDAP into GCP
    • How to define authetication and authorization for the organization users
  • What Does Google cloud offer to simplify this?

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