Azure Classroomnotes 20/Aug/2022

Azure Active Directory

  • Lets create the following groups
    • Avengers: This group should have following users
      • ironman
      • thor
      • hulk
      • vision
    • Justice League:
      • batman
      • wonderwoman
      • superman
      • flash
  • Lets give Reader access to Avengers and Justice League at subscription level
  • Lets create a Resource Group called as SHEILD. Where Avengers have contributor access
  • Give Owner access to SHEILD Resource group to thor.
  • Now lets login as thor.
    • Thor is able to perform any operations on sheild resource group
    • Read in any other resource group
  • Now lets login as wonderwoman
  • Lets see if we can do anything to hide sheild from justice league
  • In Azure when we want to give custom role assignments, then we are expected to create custom roles which are JSON files.
  • Exercise: JSON and YAML Tutorial Refer Here
  • Lets create a Resource (Vnet) in the sheild resource group.
  • Lets give Reader access to hulk and check if he can delete or not
  • Now lets login as hulk and try deleting the vnet. Hulk is able to delete.

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