Azure Classroomnotes 06/Mar/2022

Event Based Solutions in Azure

  • Event-driven architecture allows communications between seperate systems by sharding information through events.
  • An event is a significant change in the system state that happens in the context of the system (An item added to the shopping cart, Payment success of the item in the cart)
  • Azure provides the following services for implementing Event-Driven Architecture
    • Azure Event Grid
    • Azure Event Hub

Azure Event Grid

  • Concepts
    • Event
    • Event Source
    • Event Handler
    • Topics
    • Event Subscriptions

* Event grid helps us in doing reactive programming.

Azure Event Hub

  • This is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service.
  • Python Refer Here for sample event producer
  • .net Refer Here

Azure Message Queue

  • Azure Storage Queue
  • Azure Service Bus

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