Azure Classroom Series – 30/Mar/2021

Azure Site to Site VPN Connections

  • Reference Architecture Preview

  • When Site-to-Site VPN Connection needs to be created, we have to provide the configuration for the both sides of connection (Azure & On-premises).

  • Although local network gateway is created in Azure, it represents your local (on-premises) network and holds the configuration information of local network settings.

  • To understand the vpn devices supported by azure Refer Here

  • Lets create a local network gateway from All Services Preview Preview

  • Now lets create a virtual network with cidr range

    • App subnet:
    • Gateway subnet: Preview Preview
  • Now lets create a virtual network gateway Preview Preview Preview

  • Once the virtual network gateway is created lets try to create a site to site connection. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Once the connection is established Preview Preview Preview

  • When we want to connect from one on-premise network to multiple vnets in Azure we can use hub-spoke topology Preview

  • If you want to connect multiple on-premise sites to multiple Azure VNets then Azure has a offering called as Azure Virtual WAN Refer Here Preview

Next Steps

  • Azure Firewall
  • Azure Express Route
  • Azure DNS and Routing

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