DevOps Classroomnotes 06/Aug/2023

Terraform contd


  • try creating a security groups Refer Here by using list(object) as input type

    • web
      • ingress:
        • http (80): allow to all
        • ssh (22): allow to all
    • app
      • ingress:
        • ssh (22): allow to all
        • ssh (8080): allow to all
    • db:
      • ingress:
        • tcp 3306: allow within vpc range
  • Refer Here for the changes to include security groups
  • In AWS to make network work

    • We need to create an internet gateway and attach to vpc
    • We need to add route to the default route table to internet gateway
  • Lets use datasource of route table to figure out the default route table id
  • Refer Here for the changes to make the network ready for next steps in AWS
  • Azure


  • Datasources: Datasources in terraform allows us to fetch information from provider Refer Here
  • Outputs: They print or expose the information/detail Refer Here


  • Try Creating a
    • Azure VM/ AWS EC2
    • Azure SQL/AWS RDS mysql

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