Azure Classroomnotes 20/May/2022

Storage Account Pricing

  • Refer Here for the pricing calculator
  • Hot-Standard-Block Blob – 10 TB
  • Hot – Standard – Block Blob – Access operations
  • Cool – Standard-Block Blob
  • Cool – Standared – Access Operations
  • Archive – Standard -Block Blob
  • In Addition to this azure gives reservations where you can save more. If you can give the commitment for long term usage ( 1 year or 3 year) savings will be more when the size of data is in scale of 100 TB or PB
  • Try some usecase around storage account using Azure pricing calculator Refer Here
  • Exercise:
    • Size of data which you are storing for your OTT platform: 1 PB
    • 1 lakh customers access the data can you estimate the bill and suggest the better pricing model for the customer.
    • 3 years reserved Hot access tier would be sensible for OTT platform.

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