Azure Classroomnotes 21/Nov/2022

Revision of all the Storage Aspects Covered So far

  • Data Classification:
    • Structured:
      • Data that is queryable
      • Storage for this type is Databases.
      • Databases:
        • Relational
        • NoSQL
        • Document Databases
        • Graph Database
        • Cache Database
      • Message Queue Storage:
        • Queue Storage
    • UnStructured: For all unstructured storages we have Azure Storage Account.
      • Data that is not queryable
      • Storage options are
        • Block Storage => Virtual Hard disks => (Page Blob)
        • File Shares => Network Disks => Azure File Share
        • Blob Storage:
          • Any file => Block Blob
          • Log file => Append Blob
        • Data lakes: Storing Big Data/Real streaming Data etc
  • Azure Storage account Redundancy:
    • LRS
    • ZRS
    • GRS
    • RA-GRS
    • RA-ZAGRS
  • Storage Primary Use Cases:
    • Backup and Restore
    • Archival
  • Access Tiers
    • Hot => Frequent Access => Pay more for storage and less for access
    • Cool => Infrequent Access => Pay more for access and less for storage
    • Archive => Cheaper storage for archival no access is possible.
  • Terms: Hydrate and ReHydrate.
  • Azure Storage Account is accessible over https, so we need to ensure who can access this. Access types
    • Anonymous (Any one can read)
    • Private (Access is given only to specific Azure users)
    • Shared Access Signature (Temporarily give access to someone to perform read/write/update/delte)

Azure Command Line Access

  • Azure has two command line interfaces
    • Azure Powershell:
      • Created for Windows Admins
      • Powershell cmd-let syntax <verb>-Az<Noun>
      • To find the cmd let Get-Cmd *-Az[searchterm]
      • To Get examples and help Get-Help <cmd-let> -Online
      • In powershell we storage the output in a variable $resg = New-AzResourceGroup -Name 'Test' -Location 'Eastus'
    • Azure CLI:
      • Easier interface built for all the terminals
      • Built using python
      • Finding a command is naviagating through reference sections
      • Syntax will be in the form az service [child-service] <action> [--arg1 Value1] .. [--argn Valuen]
      • Example: az group create --name test --location 'eastus'
  • We use this to auotmate the repetitive activities

Next Steps

  1. Mindmap based learning
  2. DevOps/Cloud Bootcamp: (Non-Technical Backgrounds)

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