AWS Classroom Series – 20/Dec/2019

Systems Manager Architecture


How it Works

  • Using AWS CLI/Console/SDK users can navigate to Systems Manger.
  • System Manager Performs operations of Ec2 Linux or Windows Instances.
  • During this process it interacts with other AWS Services such as
    • S3
    • Cloudwatch
    • CloudTrail
  • So, to give permissions for one AWS service to interact/access other AWS Services , we need to create a role.

Systems Manager Capabilities


  • Run-Command Executes the SSM Documents and the execution is done by SSM agent


  • Reusable set of actions are shared as SSM-Documents
  • SSM-Documents can be created by the user using JSON formats
  • For Syntax Refer Here
  • For Actions Refer Here
  • SSM Documents are stored in Shared Section

Patch Manager

  • Used for Updating Windows & Linux OS Patches
  • System Manager Agent can execute Patches


  • Download Execute Shell Script SSM Document
  • add one step extra to manual steps which displays environment variables

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