Azure Classroomnotes 30/Dec/2022

Azure Migration

  • What is supported by Azure Migrate


Server Migration

  • Support Matrix for Azure Migrate Refer Here
  • VmWare Refer Here
  • Hyperv Refer Here
  • P2V Refer Here
  • Migration Can be done using
    • Native Microsoft Tools
    • ISV (Independent Service Vendors) i.e. Third party tools.
  • Migrations performed in the class will be based on Microsoft tools.

Lab Environment for migration

  • Ideal Migration
  • Lets simulate the on-premises by creating necessary infra in the cloud

Azure Migration Process (At a high level)

  • Assesment:
    • Here we discover the servers/applications to be migrated
    • Check the compatibility with Azure
  • Migration:
    • When we perform migration we have
      • One-time migration
      • Incremental Migration
    • Stopping the replication of the data (disks) and creating a necessary infra in Azure is called as FailOver.

Lets create Azure Migrate Project

  • Navigate to All Services and Migrate


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