DevOps Classroom Series- SRE – 22/Oct/2019

Site Reliability Engineering – Intro


  1. Breaking Organizational silos Preview Without Devops

Preview With DevOps 2. Making frequent & smaller releases 3. Its ok to fail (Errors are normal) 4. Leverage Automation tools 5. Measure Everything


  • Class SRE implments DevOps

How SRE implements DevOps

  1. Breaking Organizational silos:
    • SRE in the team along with developers
    • Developers & SRE’s use same tools for deployments
  2. Making frequent & smaller releases
    • Risk
  3. Its ok to fail (Errors are normal)
    • We define Error Budgets
  4. Leverage Automation tools
    • Toil
  5. Measure Everything
    • Observability , Alerting etc
  • Metrics:
    • SLI (Service Level Indicator)
      • At current point of time
      • eg. is service up or down
    • SLO (Service Level Objective)
      • At combine points of time
      • Is your service up for 99.9% time during last week/month
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
      • Service will up and running for 99.5% over a period of one month

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