Azure Classroom notes – 22/Oct/2019

Azure Global Infrastructure

  1. Region: Geographical location (locations => <direction> <Country> <number>, eg South India, Central US, East US2)

  2. Inside Regions Do we have data centers?

    • Yes: Is the case in many regions
    • No: NOt the case, bcoz region is broken down into zones
  3. Microsoft Azure gives better network speeds to reduce latency between some regions which are called as Paired Regions

  4. Paired Region

  5. Microsoft Global Network

Virtual Network

  • Logical Network created by the user.
  • This Networks scope is Region


Important Terms

  • Service: Offering given by cloud.
    • eg: Azure SQL services, Azure Kubernetes Service, Compute Services
  • Resource: Anything you create, so you will have ownership.
  • Resource Group: collection of resources.

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