AWS Classroom Series – 29/Jan/2021

Cloud Watch Logs

  • We can use AWS Cloudwatch to monitor, store and access logs from EC2 instances, AWS Cloud trail, Route 53 and other resources
  • We can centralize logs from all of our systems, applications and aws services that are in use.
  • We can Query the logs
  • Terminology
    • Log Event
    • Log Stream
    • Log Group
  • Installing unified cloudwatch agent Refer Here
  • To install cloudwatch agent Refer Here
  • Create an IAM role to use cloudwatch agent Refer Here
  • Now attach role to ec2 instance
  • Ensure you generate config file from wizard Refer Here Preview
  • To query the cloudwatch logs use syntax as mentioned. Refer Here

AWS Cloudwatch Events

  • Events describe change in AWS resources

AWS Service Lens

  • This is used to increase observability of your service. This includes metrics, logs and traces from your application at a common place. Preview

How to publish custom cloudwatch metrics

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