Azure Classroom Series – 29/Jan/2021

Azure Monitoring in Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

  • Consider the following hybrid cloud scenario with resources both on prem & cloud Preview
  • Monitoring the platform
    • Azure: Here we can use the current Azure Monitor capabilities
    • On-Premise: Azure Monitor can also be used but requires some extra work to be done to be monitored from Azure Monitoring Platform
      • Integration with Log Analytics
      • Installing Microsoft Montiroing Agents (MMA)

Scenario: Monitoring a Simple Web application

  • Lets try to follow the mentioned monitoring configuration
    • Virtual Machine:
      • Performance Metrics – CPU, Memory and Disk Usage
      • Guest OS Diagnostic Data
    • NSG: Flow log in Network Watcher
    • Network Connection: Montiro connection to dependent component IP address through connection monitor of network watcher
  • Virtual Machine
    • CPU Metrics: Preview
    • Memory metrics: Enable Insights Preview
    • Enable guest level monitoring: VM -> Diagnostic settings and Enable guest level monitoring Preview Preview Preview
  • Network Security Group: Preview Preview Preview
  • Connection Monitoring
    • Network Watcher -> Connection Monitor

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