AWS Classroom series – 24/Apr/2020

What are Different Databases in AWS (Managed)

  • Relational Databases:
    • Amazon RDS: Helps in Creating the below Products
      • mySQL Databases
      • Postgres Databases
      • SQL Server Databases
      • Oracle Databases
      • Aurora (mySQL & Postgres)
    • Datawarehouse:
      • Redshift
  • NO SQL
    • Key-Value: Dynamo DB
    • Document: Amazon DocumentDB
    • Cassandra: Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service
  • In-Memory: Amazon Elastic Cache for
    • MemCached
    • Redis
  • Graph: Amazon Neptune
  • Ledger (Blockchain): Amazon QLDB

What is Managed and Un-Managed Databases

  • Generally to Manage any database steps are Preview
  • Managed Database Preview
  • UnManaged Database Preview

What is that we learn in AWS and mostly you end up working

  • Depending on your Roles
    • If you are a Database Engineer
      • You manage Data generated by your application
      • You manage Datbase creation, management & automations options
    • If you are a Cloud Engineer
      • You manage Datbase creation, management & automations options

Practice of the Database

  1. We need AWS free tier account Refer Here

  2. What is free Refer Here Preview

  3. How much of Free i have spent Refer Here

Playaround with Different Options for Creating Databases in AWS



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